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Welcome to Police Cruiser Dot Com

Texas DPS Trooper Capitol unit

PCDC owners daily driver, 2011 Caprice PPV 9C1

6.0L L77 V8

Police Cruiser Dot Com is located in East Fort Worth and we have been around since 1998 selling used emergency vehicles and equipment. Most of out past sales have all been through eBay, but limited eBay items are listed here or on Craigslist.

We also sometimes sell used vehicles & motorcycles, check the Vehicles section.

The latest an fastest police vehicle is the 2011+ Chevrolet Caprice PPV 6.0L V8
KZ1000P Police motorcycle

1 Watt LED

We have Amber & Red LumiLeds
LUXEONŽ I Emitter LED modules. These are the building blocks for GEN III LED Emergency lighting. Need to replace a bad LED light head, or want to make your own LED setup. We have them for $0.50 each or less in quantity.


Welcome to Police Cruiser Dot Com. Your source for low cost used and new police related equipment and we also do installations.